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Do them with less fatique or eyestrain . . . and with less wasted time deciphering your squiggles."

When you have enough info to turn a "Guess" into a "Yes", just overwrite in the other color. No smeary erasing, no confusing overwriting.

And the lead never falls out!
The Sudoku TwinPoint® is so precisely engineered it firmly holds the lead
down to the last 1/16". (That's why we include tubes of blue and green lead.)

Sudoku Pencil with 2 tubes of leads $14.97

If you prefer ink – or aspire to – try our special pen with a cushioned
finger grip and a silver metal finish.
A finger twist switches between blue and green ball point tips.

Sudoku Twin Pro+ $7.97 each

No more ripped or torn Sudokus from newspapers or
magazines with this compact, precision tool.
Consider getting two — one for your briefcase, purse or pocket,
the other for your desk or bedside,

ClipIt Sudoku Saver $3.49 each
. . . Can't decide for yourself or as a gift?
Press [Ctrl]-d to save this page for later.

I personaly guarantee these items.
If you're dissatisfied for any reason,
just return them for a full refund.

Sudoku Jim  

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