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Special Christmas Combo
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From: Sudoku Jim
Monday, 6:22 a.m.

Dear Christmas Shopper,

I give you the perfect, last minute gift for the Sudoku puzzle solvers on your list — be they beginners or sudokuholics.

I say it's the perfect gift because only a few have even heard of the Sudoku TwinPoints let alone solving with them. Why?

Well, Amazon has them buried in "office/other" and we're not an easy find for the search engines either. So right here's the most likely place to find them.

Your family, friends or colleagues will not only be "the first on the block" to have a Sudoku TwinPoint, but the only ones as well. Here's why Sudoku solvers love them:

  • They reduce eyestrain
  • The lessen fatigue
  • They eliminate the time wasted deciphering squiggles.
With the Sudoku TwinPoint Pencil. You choose one color for "Yes!", the other for "best guess". The TwinPoint is so precisely engineered the lead is held firm down to the last 1/16" (That's why we include a tube of blue and a tube of green lead.)

The SudokuTwin Pro+ is a lusterous metal pen with a soft finger grip. A twist of the fingers switches between green and blue ball point pens. (We include an extra cartridge of each ink.)

The Sudoku Saver - No more ripped or torn Sudokus from the newspapers and magazines with this compact, precision tool. The cover makes it safe for pocket, purse, drawer or briefcase

"The SudokuTwin Triplet Gift Pack."

TwinPoint Pencil
TwinPoint pencil makes printable 
									 sudoku puzzels less fatiguing
2-in-1 Pro+ Pen
Two pens in one barrel
Sudoku Saver
No more ripped or torn printable sudoku puzzels
All 3 for $18.50

Sudokuingly yours,

Sudoku Jim  

P.S. Your "giftee" will now finish a Sudoku in less time than ever before . . . which means eager to get to the next one .. . and the next . . . and the . . .
Consider yourself forewarned!
I don't want to cause the ending of a beautiful friendship.

P.P.S. Want one of them for yourself? Order them separately by clicking here.

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